Little Zoo Studio specializes in creating high-quality, character-driven animation for film, commercials, and virtual reality. From concept through final animation, our studio is a turn-key solution for clients around the world who need film-quality animation, without the extra effort of relocating talent in-house. Little Zoo provides a fresh perspective and adds creative value to any proect. No matter what the size of the task, Little Zoo brings:


* Experienced animation direction, supervision, and project leadership

* A talented team of industy-proven artists and animators

* Creative oversight by, and seamless communication with Little Zoo's founder/director Jason Taylor


... all with the necessary production resources you need to get the job done.








With clients ranging from large animation houses and global industry leaders to small boutique shops, the studio excels in creating entertaining character animation of the highest quality.


Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with Little Zoo:






Jason Taylor is an accomplished professional animator with more than 19 years of experience in creating film-quality character animation for commercials, feature films, short films, game cinematics and VR. He previously worked for Blue Sky Studios, Reel FX, and Blur Studio. Some of Jason's credits include Blue Sky's Horton Hears A Who and Ice Age 3, Sony Pictures's Open Season 2 and Open Season 3. While at Blur, Jason animated on several Walt Disney projects, as well as the Academy Award nominated short film, Gopher Broke. He also served as an animation supervisor on Blur Studio's A Gentleman's Duel. He recently served as an animation supervisor on the upcoming feature film Rock Dog.


In 2009, Jason formed Little Zoo Studio, LLC. Since then, Little Zoo has become a vibrant studio with a tight-knit and passionate crew of talented animators.


As an advocate for quality education in the field of animation, Jason conducts animation workshops and for the past eight years, he has been a senior-level educator at AnimationMentor.com, one of the industry's leading animation schools. He earned his BFA at the University of the Arts in Philadephia.




_Founder / Director




Stacy Theberge has 22 years of experience in entertainment, business operations and marketing. For nine years, she worked alongside top entertainment industry leaders at the Jim Henson Company and Icon Productions in Los Angeles, and as a personal publicist for feature film directors and actors. Following her years in the industry, she moved to the marketing side of the business, working with major international companies (most notably, Honda and McDonald's) to forward their public relations and marketing initiatives.


Stacy recently served as Director of Campus Services at Vermont College Fine Arts, where she was in charge of campus-wide operations and systems.


At Little Zoo, Stacy is responsible for strategic and operational planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and marketing.



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