"We recently collaborated with Little Zoo on two very intense third-act sequences for a feature film. We have very high standards at Blur, bouncing frequently between motion capture and keyframe work, and this film was a challenging mix of both that had to seamlessly integrate digi-doubles and CGI creatures with live action plates. I had reservations- there was a lot of data, assets and direction to exchange with very tight deadlines. On top of this, we were testing a totally new offsite deployment of our propriety tools on something of a much larger scale than I had hoped. We really needed a partner who was experienced and razor sharp.

Not only were we blown away with the quality and speed of their work, Jason made the technical aspects a breeze, educating and supporting his team so that our dailies focused almost entirely on creative direction. As is the nature of features, there was a lot of milestone juggling, which he handled readily, and performance changes, some even requiring new creative when notes strayed away from original lookdev. I quickly learned that I could discuss these things with Jason and trust his team to deliver. And through all the challenges, Jason always kept a great attitude and sense of humor and felt like an engaged member of the team that made dailies a pleasure. I really look forward to the next opportunity to work with Little Zoo."


Head of Animation & Layout - Blur Studio